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Online Tech Support Scams

By scottsdalec66621372, Jun 14 2017 06:36PM

We receive at least a couple calls per week from clients that fell for one of these scams or realized what was about to happen and avoided being taken for a few hundred dollars. You could be simply browsing the internet, click on a link that looks to be safe and suddenly have a window pop up that is attempting to lure you in with all kinds of startling warnings. Some look to be very legitimate, some will pop up with an audio message warning you to take immediate action. Some will utilize a Microsoft logo or say they are a Microsoft Partner. Some are using brand name antivirus product logo's I.E., Norton, McAfee, Microsoft Security Essentials. In most cases, they are trying to get you to call a toll free number and assist you in clearing up whatever phony problems they are claiming you may have with your computer.

Once you call the number, normally you are speaking to a so-called "Microsoft or Apple technician" who will use very intimidating tactics to get you to allow them to remote in to your computer and solve the "issues" for you. Typically, these technicians are working in telemarketing scam centers outside the U.S. and many times, it can be difficult to understand them due to heavy foreign accents. Once remoted in to your computer, they will open certain screens on your computer and show you things to convince you that your system has been compromised. They will then offer to fix all these issues for a fee and ask you for a credit card payment. We have seen clients spend as much as $800 for this "service" which in most cases, provides absolutely no value whatsoever. Many times, they will install additional malware or junk software on your computer and in some instances, we have seen identity theft, stolen passwords, drianed bank accounts and ocasionally, the computer operating system is damaged or destroyed causing the client to have to spend additional money to repair the system.

These are all SCAMS!! Do not call the toll free number, do not let anyone remote in to your computer that you don't know!

Feel free to call the Scottsdale Computer Guy if you have been a victim of any of these scams. Your computer should be checked out by a competent computer service in order to make sure that your system has not been compromised.

Tips for avoiding these scams:

Scottsdale Computer Guy 480-227-6662

Jan 18 2020 04:05AM by Geek

Thank you for the article. We also receive many of these types of customers that say they have been scammed. I wish we could somehow blacklist all the numbers that being used by these scammers. They shouldn't be able to spoof numbers so easily just to scam people here in the united states.

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